Laser shows

We arrange numerous laser and multimedia projects and installations around the world. A laser show is an extraordinary event which captures the spectators and - through beams piercing through the crowd – integrates them into the event. There are many different ways and possibilities in running a laser show. Mostly beam shows run in combination with music or sounds as well as fog or hace. Music intensifies feelings and emotions of the colors and the moves of the laser beams. At the same time music events, concerts etc. can be supported by laser beams as beam colors and the motion speed of the laser beams can be synchronized according to the music. There are many different ways of using lasers at shows: the combination of show laser lights and music is. In order to make your event inimitably, Laserworld provides individual designed laser show solutions. Each show is perfectly customized according to the event’s and client’s requirements. Multimedia shows with laser lights and further effects like sounds, pyrotechnics, lightings, water, fog and hace as well as different projection surfaces are very popular too.

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